Technical Illustration


Nissan Audio Illustration

Nissan Audio See-Thru Diagram
Perspective color-coded illustration showing the inner components of an auto stereo.



Coke Station Illustration

Coca-Cola Display Case Mini-Mart Placement Instructions
1 point perspective illustration showing the proper placement of displays in a typical gas station mini mart.



Voyager Aerospace Manual Airplane Diagram

‘Voyager Aerospace Training Manual’ Airplane Assembly Diagram
Exploded view showing the major components of an airliner.
One of over 100 technical illustrations I created for the instruction book.



Voyager Aerospace Manual Measuring Table Diagram

‘Voyager Aerospace Training Manual’ Measuring Diagram
Isometric illustration showing placement of instruments for a measuring table.



Casting Animation Illustration

Metal Casting Sequence Presentation
Illustrations for a series slides showing the stages in using a mold to cast metal parts.