I’m Randy Coffey, an illustrator located in Southern California.

My cartoon style of illustration has a clay-like quality with no straight lines or sharp corners.  All of the lines in my illustrations are actually drawn shapes.  I use traditional pencil and ink as well as digital techniques to produce my illustrations.  My cartoon illustration is vector art, which allows a designer to use it at any size and maintain high resolution.

My cartoon style t-shirt illustrations are available at the NeatoShop on the popular Neatorama blog.

My graphic style of illustration is created using a combination of pen, pencil, and digital techniques.

My technical illustration is vector art created in Adobe Illustrator.  My older technical illustration was done with pen and ink using triangles and ellipses.

I can create illustrations for lower or higher budgets by varying the size, the complexity, and the amount of detail in the artwork.

I also have online illustration galleries at The Behance Network, The AdWeek Talent Gallery, deviantArt, Coroflot, Cargo, The Creators Project, The Creative Finder, Krop, FigDig, and voodooChilli.

I am also a graphic desiger and art director.  My graphic design portfolio can be viewed at