Cartoon Illustration


Absolut Anchovi

Absolut Anchovi
A parody of an Absolut Vodka flavor.



JazzTrax Big Bear Festival Art

JazzTrax Summer Festival Promo Art
Illustration for the brochure cover and t-shirts for a jazz festival.



How The Grinch Stole Christmas Grinch Kit

How The Grinch Stole Christmas Grinch Gear

Universal Studios Grinch Gear Kids Meal Proposal
Illustration showing the proposed kids meal items which would be available during the run of the movie.



Camp-Ways Ad

CampWays Magazine Ad
2 color half-page magazine ad for a camping supplies company.



Singing Cowboy

Singing Cowboy Editorial Illustration
Illustration for an article about country music in an in-flight airline magazine.



Cartoon Artist

Artist’s Deadline Cartoon
Cartoon depicting an artist working under a tight deadline.



The Distribution of Wealth in the U.S

Distribution of Wealth Infographic
An infographic showing the inequality of wealth distribution in the U.S.

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Orange County California Map of Attractions

Orange County Attractions Map
A map showing the major attractions in Orange County California for a senior services guide.

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Hoag Hospital Brochure Cover

Hoag Hospital Brochure Cover
Illustration for the cover of a hospital brochure.



Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Graphic
A graphic representing medical marijuana that combines a hookah, caduceus, and a red cross.